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  • Whether you run a public pool or have a pool of your own, it is very important to know how to maintain your pool and clean it. If you don’t have the right tools for the job the definitely, pool maintenance can be a drag. What’s the use of having a pool if you are unable to clean it. With the appropriate set of tools, pool maintenance won’t be a nightmare anymore. Here are some pool basic essentials.
    • • Water Test Strips. Testing your pool on a daily basis is very important to determine when to add chemicals to prevent the accumulation of algae and bacteria. Ideal testing of the water should be done once a week. Going to your local pool supply area whenever you have your water tested can be good, but doing so on a weekly basis is very time-consuming especially if it’s far from where you are located. Having a test strip is always handy. To use, just simply place it in water and wait for the changes in color, then compare the strip to the color graduation scale provided in the packet. This will determine the ph in your pool.

    • • Pool Shock. Your pool is a reservoir for bacteria, human skin cells, and all sorts of bacteria. When you notice a change in smell, it’s time to shock your water. Having a pool that smells funny means that your pool has been poorly sanitized. Shocking your pool will rid of the bacteria lurking in your waters, as well as manage mild algae problems.

    • • Algae Brush. When talking about algae, good scrubbing is what you need. Pool Supplies Corpus Christi has brushes made of stainless bristles that can remove those pesky algae lurking in the pool. We also have specific brushes for specific kinds of pool materials.

    • • Manual Vacuum. After scrubbing those pestering algae, removing them will be the next step. For that to happen, of course, you need to use a vacuum to prevent your filters from clogging up.

    • • Telescoping pole. This is to help reach far places so you don’t have to go around the entire pool area. The heads are interchangeable so you can also use them for your skimmer, manual vacuum, and pool brush.

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  • • Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner. Those liquid chemicals can are not enough to keep away bacterias that come in contact with our body. We also need to take care of our ladders and surface areas of our pool.
    • • Filter Cleaner. No matter how well you clean your pool, dirt, and muck build up in your filtration system which is inevitable. Filter cleaners remove any debris that can cause clouding in your water, making your filters more effective than they should be. Your cleaning schedule will depend on how you frequently use the pool and the type of filter that is being used.

    • • Skimmer. A very handy tool indeed if you are surrounded by trees or plants in your area. Those petals, plants, or leaves will eventually end up in your pool on a windy day. Let’s not forget those bugs who got in the water but can’t get out. Scooping them up is really needed so that you won’t have to swim with the types of debris in your pool.

    • • Pool Cover. If you’re not a fan of skimmers, then this is definitely for you. If you are not using your pool for a very long time, bacteria, algae, and chemicals would start to build up in your pool. These would cause a lot of trouble in your maintenance. A good pool cover can give you a stress-free feeling once you open up your pool once more. Saving you the trouble in the near future.

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  • Pool Supplies Corpus Christi doesn’t just end here, we also cater to those die-hard pool enthusiasts. We have a set of pool supplies specifically to suit your meticulous needs ranging from pumps, UWL (underwater light), cleaning accessories, and hygiene kits for your pool needs. As you become more aware of your cleaning needs, you’ll need more upgrades. call us at Pool Supplies Corpus Christi to know more.

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