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  • Winter Pool Covers 

    These are the covers, which resemble large tarps. They float on top of the water in your pool and are kept in place by a set of water bags. They do an excellent job of keeping debris out of your pool, especially because they are made of a solid, non-permeable material.

  • Mesh Safety Pool Cover 

    Mesh protective covers, including winter covers, keep out any of the debris that would otherwise get into your tub. Mesh covers, unlike winter covers, allow water and snow to drain through their tightly woven fabrics. This removes the need for draining, simplifies cleanup, and decreases tension on the cover, extending its life.

Corpus Christi TX Pool Builders

Solid Safety Pool Cover 

Pool Cover Corpus Cristi has solid safety pool covers that are very similar to mesh covers. Strong protective covers are made of non-permeable vinyl and have many of the same features as mesh covers. Solid safety covers, on the other hand, provide UV protection as well as excellent water insulation. 

Hybrid Safety Pool Covers 

Hybrid covers have the benefits of both solid and mesh safety covers. As a result, they naturally have the best of both worlds. A hybrid safety cover is made up of a series of vinyl patches and a small mesh portion. The covers drain like a mesh cover would do while preventing UV rays and finer pollutants like a solid cover. It's the ideal solution for those who can't decide between solid and mesh covers. 

Automatic Safety Pool Covers 

Pool Cover Corpus Cristi has automatic pool covers to take advantage of the material they are made of. So, if you choose an automated mesh cover, drainage and cleanup will be a breeze, and of course, since automatic covers are deployed automatically, they have one distinct advantage. 

Solar Pool Covers 

The primary purpose of a solar cover is to insulate your pool rather than "shield" it. This is accomplished by forming a membrane that traps heat and decreases evaporation. Solar covers are inexpensive and suitable for pool owners who want to improve their pool's heat retention. They, like some other covers, do an excellent job of preventing water loss. 


Pool Cover Corpus Cristi will help you save up to 10,000 liters per month on your water bill. This is a financial concern and an environmental one, as water conservation is more critical than ever. 

  • You can save up to 10,000 liters of water per month with this unit.

  • Every bubble is the same width, with 2/3 of the total polyethylene (PE) in the lower layer that comes into contact with the corrosive chemicals for added toughness.

  • Stretching, as a result, any weak points that may render it more vulnerable to physical harm are eliminated by a unique manufacturing procedure.

  • Tougheners are used to reduce solar and chemical deterioration, resulting in a longer-lasting pool cover.

  • High quenchers, high UV absorber, and stabilizers, combined with an imaginative design around the entire cover for maximum insulation effectiveness, keep the water warmer longer, extending the swimming season.

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Pool Cover Corpus Cristi, would you like to cover your pool but don't have enough money to do so? Every coverage is available in both inground and above-ground pool models, except for automatic pool covers. So, if you're trying to figure out which cover is best for your pool, contact us Pool Cover Corpus Cristi to assist you. 

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